The My Chemical Romance Friday Five

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Friday Five for MCR fans

Welcome to the Friday Five for My Chemical Romance Fans

The idea is that one of the mods will post a set of five questions on a Friday and you answer them! Easy, right?

You can either post your answers as a comment to the Friday Five Questions or leave the link to your journal. Your journal is best because then you can see what your friends think of your answers.

Some, if not all the questions will not be MCR related; it all depends on the mods' moods, after all.

Expand, some questions will be a yes or no answer; tell us why you said yes or no. It makes thing interesting.

Feel entirely free to recommend any of your friends to join the community and answer our questions as well. The more participation is encouraging. :D

The running order for the weekly posting goes like this bloodyhands, shadow_hive, youthstate and slashxyouxup. If for some reason one of us doesn't post, we've probably been kidnapped XD. Worry not someone will post something for you to answer.
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Any ideas for questions click here. Please!

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Happy Fridays, everyone!